Who needs control?

Control is something we all desire to have more of in our lives. The phrase “out of control” rarely has positive connotations in the business world. As your ally in business, we want to share a couple of articles with you that can help you gain or regain that control you might be missing.

Report finds big fraud problems for small businesses - Journal of Accountancy

With a median loss of $150,000, it is noted in this article that 42% of fraud in small businesses could have been prevented by implementing internal controls. Where do your controls measure up? Are you confident that if someone were to attempt fraud in your business that it would be caught before causing financial or reputational damage?

Email inbox out of control? Establish rules - Journal of Accountancy

If your email is anything like ours, it needs a little discipline. By implementing rules, you decide what shows up in your inbox and what takes priority. After implementing just a few of these rules, you will likely regain a little more freedom.

If you are looking for more ways to gain more freedom by instituting more control, especially from the pains of month-end and year-end close in accounting, reach out to us at Executive Allies as we can help provide peace of mind for all things accounting!

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