Taylor Bartlett

Staff Accountant aka "The Do-er"

Taylor Bartlett Headshot

Passion: Efficiency

Inspired by a tiny hometown built around agriculture, I strived to understand the "paperwork" that brought our food from farm to table. I recognized each business was unique and intricate, requiring extensive planning. 

Through my four years of freelance bookkeeping for small businesses, I gathered there would always be a need to support these businesses. In addition, over two years of governmental accounting experience has provided me with a rigid foundation for wholesome documentation and accountability. 

In my undergraduate studies, I took advantage of learning many technical systems that support business process solutions. I am an avid learner and communicator. I make a supreme effort not only to improve accounting processes but also to understand the perspective of the hardworking, passionate business owners to bring us together as a team. 

Outside of work, I hunt waterfalls and cook delicious meals with nutritious local ingredients. I hope to have a hobby farm someday for raising meat along with a homestead garden. I find purpose in teaching younger generations where our food comes from and how everyone has their place in contributing to the community/economy. You can find me bike riding along the greenbelt, at the farmer's market, or at the local rodeos and livestock auctions that nourish my western soul.

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